About us

Organization Background

KULMIYE AID FOUNDATION (KAF) a Local NGO, was founded in 10TH October 2018 in Mudug region, Gaalkacyo District, Puntland state of Federal Somalia as a humanitarian and development organization. The purpose was to provide sustainable livelihoods intervention opportunities to support the most vulnerable communities both in the urban and rural areas of Mudug regions, and the whole of Somalia consequently promoting economic entrepreneurial skills development among the youth and women, access to better education, adequate primary health care, and employment opportunities, respect the ideals of human rights, peace, good-governance and eventually improved sustainable community development..

Subsequent to series of consultative meetings in Mudug the founders responded to the urgent need of Somali people and contributed into the emergency humanitarian crisis and development of their country rehabilitation and reconstruction after years of destructive conflicts and successive droughts and famines which led to the total collapse of socio-economic and political institutions..

The vulnerable communities in KAF targeted areas and Somalis in general live in extremely poor and under-developed conditions. Their livelihoods are broadly based on subsistence farming and pastoralism with limited opportunity to earn wages.The predominant livelihood systems are; 1) Pastoralism a) Agro-pastoralist b) Agriculturalist: agriculture-based livelihood. 2) Fishing: 3) Urban/rural Host community, Refugees, Returnees and IDPs:

Successive conflicts, droughts, famine and invasive pests has eroded the livelihoods coping mechanisms of these communities. The negative occurrences instigated a huge number of civilian populations displaced internally and refugees’ camps in neighboring countries.

KAF’s emergency humanitarian response and development intervention programs are holistic, people-centred, community-based and sustainable. Therefore, sustainable livelihoods approaches are adopted for all KAF strategic and short-term program focus in Somalia.

KAF sustainable livelihoods program interventions only add to the current humanitarian and developmental commitments in Somalia, by utilizing principally home-ground solutions to vulnerable community challenges and needs. Kulmiye Aid Foundation corresponds to the existing international and national humanitarian and development strategies.

The organization puts into operation participatory approaches, strategic planning and community mobilization to find solutions to community problems. It offers a range of programming and support in: Emergency Relief Response, Food Security and Livelihoods, Formal Education, WASH, Youth Capacity Development Programs, Micro-Enterprise Development, and three Cross Cutting Issues: Peace Building and Reconciliation, Gender, and FGM, GBV and HIV/Aids.

Since inception, the organization was successful to implement a number of emergency and development projects in cooperation with the locals, and government agencies. Some of the projects include; empowerment in leadership and governance, youth/women empowerment through formation associations, environmental care, protection & sanitation awareness raising, Building Bridges of Truth from people to people Through Positive Dialogue Approach (people to people inter-linkage, Child right protection training and rehabilitation/construction of community infrastructure; These projects benefited a large number of the most vulnerable communities in Mudug regions of Somalia. It created credibility, good-track-record, close collaboration with the all stakeholders; local authorities, communities, government agencies and donors. It has now transformed into well-established NGO competent of implementing multiple projects simultaneously.

Our Mission

Improved and sustaining livelihood of vulnerable communities in Somalia through environmentally sound interventions while focusing on equity, good governance, justice, democracy and human rights.

Our Vision

Creation of a peaceful environment, value-based community of dignified and informed citizens comprising the erstwhile marginalized and the oppressed from the perennially unresponsive regions in place with pride.